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  • InspirationsQUELLE

    18. Jan 2016 by

    BEWARE, UTOPIA! This artistic project is an documentation of experiences, ideas and visions from the people in and around the former Quelle building in its time of creative short term using 2011-2015. This time had a long lasting effect on the way many young people in Nuremberg think and work. The basic resource was a… Read more

  • Transferring Other Spaces

    18. Jan 2020 by

    by Maria Trunk. Transversal, artistic and intellectual strategies between past, present and future as in the case of the industrial heritage site Quelle in Nuremberg, Germany.  The urban is a symbolic space. What we can see, hear and smell in our daily lives affects our bodies, minds, relationships, and feelings. All impulses, from edges, places… Read more

  • Urbane Feldforschungen

    15. Jan 2020 by

    Impuls für dieses Format kulturwissenschaftlicher Raumforschungen war das Ansinnen, junge Studierende der Sozial- und Medienwissenschaften in den öffentlichen Raum zu bewegen, raus aus den Räumen der Universität und den Akademien. Bereits über mehreren Semester wird dieses Format für Bachelor- und Masterstudierende des Instituts für Soziologie und des Instituts für Theater- und Medienwissenschaften der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen… Read more

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