Open Dreaming

The five-kilometre-long “Collus von Prora” was built by the Nazis as a “strength through joy” seaside resort on Rügen. Today there are exclusive hotels, restaurants and apartments. In August 2019, the creative-artistic holiday offer of the Jugendkunstschule Vorpommern-Rügen e. V., including “Open Dreams” by Grit Koalick and Marga Leuthe. The program was funded from the “Culture makes you strong” program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

For a week we approached the question of what kind of future could still be imagined in this place by drawing and writing. For example, we drew perspectives and added irritating enhancements to reality.

Drawing workshop: We practiced drawing and documenting the architecture on site. It’s a very amazing experience: As I put the lines on the paper correctly, a recognizable space emerges. In the drawings you can draw and glue what is still missing. Various drawing games allowed children and young people with very different previous knowledge to draw quickly and freely.

Text workshop: Writing games are specialized as a method to break down the often inhibiting respect for the written word. They help to find a pleasurable approach to linguistic expression and one’s own language. Own adventures and experiences, fears and desires are written down, taken up and shaped.