Phase 3

Phase III was an artistic building and research project for the temporary realization of the BAUPALAST in the Rathausblock in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Here, city makers, initiatives, small businesses and local residents worked together to create the framework for a future long-term, self-shaping meeting and experimental space.

With “BAKING FUTURES III – the baking house wagon from the town hall block”, Constructlab created a concrete community-building use option that leads as a mobile bakery wagon on the site. The film “TOR AN TOR” by Guerilla Architects and Offscreen is the result of an artistic-documentary research on the future past of the Dragoon area. With the “ACHTUNG UTOPIE!” workshop, the Institute of Applied Heterotopia provided a creative space in which the participants pursued central questions of their individual wishes and visions around the Dragoon area up to the year 2040.

Phase III was a collaboration between Constructlab, Guerilla Architects, the Institute for Applied Heterotopia and OFFscreen – as part of the Baupalast vision of many and for many more.

Review Workshop “ATTENTION UTOPIA!”: