Publication “BEWARE, UTOPIA!”

Finally arrived! Many thanks to all contributors and supporters!

This book contains a compilation of scientific and artistic contributions from the Cultural Typhoon in Europe (CTE), which took place in Nuremberg in autumn 2017. The title “BEWARE, UTOPIA!” was already a program at that time and was conceptually developed further in the present publication. Based on a foreword, the contributions are divided into three chapters: “I. HETEROTOPIAS,” “II. UTOPIAN IMAGINATIONS,” and “III. UTOPIAN DESIRE,” each accompanied by a brief introduction. In the respective contributions of a chapter, there are perspectival similarities, but they are all completely different in terms of the phenomenon under consideration and the (media) methods of illustration. The publication is written in English and brings together global scientific and artistic approaches to thinking.


Edited by: Stefan Becker, Fabian Schäfer, Maria Trunk

Published by: Institute for Applied Heterotopia (IFAH)

Year: 2021

Pages: 105

ISBN: 978-3-00-068080-9

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Here are some excerpts: