River of Inspiration

InspirationsFLUSS is a virtual project from 2020, when we were all only in front of the screens due to the pandemic. It was created as part of the ‘Hello Pegnitz’ project by the N.Ort group and the Bluepingu association, with the support of N2025. We asked the people in front of the computers:

Island experience – we’ve probably all done it before, thinking of going to an island. But what if the island isn’t as gorgeous as we dreamed of, if it’s actually holding us captive? We look forward to your ideas and imaginations, which you can let us know right here! Simply as a text, drawing, voice message, photo, small film or collage – whatever you can think of, we look forward to your ideas, from which we want to put together a common utopia!

InspirationsFLUSS, the playlist! If you don’t know Nuremberg, you can listen to the city here! And those who are not unfamiliar with the city or who call themselves local will get completely new perspectives! The ultimate Nuremberg playlist. All 5 tracks in a row! No matter where you are, let us take you on an audio journey through space and time… A few words about the individual tracks, to be found on SoundCloud:

Track 1 / Bridges Thinking – the first inspirational audio track! Listen in and let yourself be taken on a 10-minute journey of thought! Click directly Track 1!

Track 2 / RaumForschung – a 6 minute mind walk best heard when you’re out and about. Whether in the city, in the country or in any means of transport. Of course you can also listen to it wherever you are! Direct to Track 2!

Track 3 / ImaginationUtopia – a 12-minute audio walk that should accompany you through Nuremberg! You can listen to it anywhere, including at home of course, and then decide how you react to the track’s offerings! Here it goes Track 3!

Track 4 / InselErfahrung – thinking of going to an island, we’ve probably all done that before. But what if the island isn’t as gorgeous as we dreamed of, if it’s actually holding us captive? Let us take you on a small, approximately 7-minute audio excursion. With Track 4!

Track 5 / UferTräume – think of the shallow floodplains of the Pegnitz, where earth and water merge. And where man can feel his origin, as a living being made up of branched elements. Where the river flows through Nuremberg today, it used to be free and wild for millions of years in front of the stone walls. Long time ago you say? Then let us take you on a little 7-minute dreamy journey through the river of time. On to Track 5!

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