New images for the Inspiration Village: Tackle the future together

In 2019, our cooperation with the activists in Flegessen started with the publication of the InspirationsDORF folding plan. Grit Koalick has now drawn the village of Anpackhausen for the book “Tackling the Future Together”. The book conveys the results of the research project “Nachhaltiges Dorf 2035” in a practical manner.

Sustainable Village 2035

The research project focuses on a 100 percent sustainable village. It examines how villages can develop in this direction and what measures citizens can take now to make the vision of an authentically sustainable village in 2035 becoming reality. It is a model project of the Niedersächsischen Ministeriums für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (ML) and is being carried out by the Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen (VNB) as the project sponsor. Hannover University of Applied Sciences is a research partner of the VNB and the villages of Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel are practical cooperation partners.

The project has developed practical future concepts for eight fields of action at village level, namely:

1. Mobility and transport
2. Agriculture and nutrition
3. Remodeling, living, working
4. Energy
5. Health and generations
6. Education
7. Work and provide
8. Live and create together


The book describes the fictional village of Anpackhausen and sketches a future that is the result of a process that we could have already gone through by 2035 – assuming we start now. It invites you to browse through practical suggestions that were compiled by the project’s researchers in various villages in Germany.


We consume more than is permanently available to us and we face enormous social challenges. What we need are better – sustainable – ways of dealing with the planet and each other. As societies as a whole. And specifically in our cities and villages.

This book is about a sustainable village that has made it. A village that gets by with what our planet can provide in the long term. A village that can deal with crises well and be self-sufficient in many things. A village that is diverse, fair and solidarity-based, where everyone wants to live well and grow old – and can. It is not a village that conjures up times gone by, nor is it one in which everything is new and unfamiliar. Basically, it is still pretty much the same place that its people have come to know and appreciate. But more lively, more ecological and more livable because people have started to tackle their future together.

Excited to get to know the future village?

The book can be ordered and/or downloaded from the Academy of Change: