Transferring Other Spaces

by Maria Trunk. Transversal, artistic and intellectual strategies between past, present and future as in the case of the industrial heritage site Quelle in Nuremberg, Germany.  The urban is a symbolic space. What we can see, hear and smell in our daily lives affects our bodies, minds, relationships, and feelings. All impulses, from edges, placesContinue reading “Transferring Other Spaces”

The Chewing Gum Effect

Workshop collaboration with Barbara Lubich and Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner from cultural center Zentralwerk, Dresden, at the annual Trans Europe Halles conference. Bilbao, Spain, 2018. The “Chewing Gum Effect” is what we explored together in this workshop. Outgoing from artistic experiences and strategies in Dresden and Nuremberg (Germany) we discussed their patterns, forms of articulations and potentials.Continue reading “The Chewing Gum Effect”

Cultural Typhoon in Europe

“Beware Utopia! Past, Actual and Virtual Visions of Urban Future” An international conference taking place in Nuremberg in September 2017 with Lectures with 20 national and 20 international academics, 4 workshops & 400qm² exhibition with 1000 visitors. The idea of the Cultural Typhoon in Europe 2017 was inspired by the Cultural Typhoon, an international conferenceContinue reading “Cultural Typhoon in Europe”