BEWARE, UTOPIA! This artistic project is an documentation of experiences, ideas and visions from the people in and around the former Quelle building in its time of creative short term using 2011-2015. This time had a long lasting effect on the way many young people in Nuremberg think and work. The basic resource was a place of opportunities for over 200 people that experts perceived as an icon. There was an utopian time in these seemingly never ending, widely connected, open and nearly unrestricted halls. This time forms a contrast to a proximate and sudden shut down. This specific background generated some kind of artistic super power. It supplies an energy out of ambivalent feelings, fallen dreams and perspectives and, of course, the daily political tensions in the traditionally conservative federal state of Bavaria in the south-west of Germany. 

The project “InspirationsQUELLE” is a printed map with an utopian visualization and news tickers from the past, present and future. A0 format, 1000x edition, supported by ‘Anstiftung’ and ‘Fonds Soziokultur’, 2016. Open Source with Creative Commons Licence, use only for non-commercial works.

Project Team: Stefan Becker, Carsten Galle, Wally Geyermann, Qeo Kielkowski, Grit Koalick, Kai Kopka, Marga Leuthe, Nele Thiel, Maria Trunk & Chris Weiß