Grit Koalick

New images for the Inspiration Village: Tackle the future together

In 2019, our cooperation with the activists in Flegessen started with the publication of the InspirationsDORF folding plan. Grit Koalick has now drawn the village of Anpackhausen for the book “Tackling the Future Together”. The book conveys the results of the research project “Nachhaltiges Dorf 2035” in a practical manner.

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River of Inspiration

InspirationsFLUSS is a virtual project from 2020, when we were all only in front of the screens due to the pandemic. It was created as part of the ‘Hello Pegnitz’ project by the N.Ort group and the Bluepingu association, with the support of N2025. We asked the people in front of the computers: Island experience

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The InspirationsBLOCK is an ensemble of different media techniques to transform collected ideas and thoughts from a workshop course into a collective heterotopia. This poster was hung in public space in Berlin-Kreuzberg and was a stimulus to discover the surrounding city hall block with new perspectives.

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Future Workshop Youth Art School of Vorpommern Rügen

Maria Trunk und Grit Koalick gaben die dritte und letzte Zukunftswerkstatt in der Jugendkunstschule Vorpommern Rügen. Wir installierten ein Zukunftsbüro in Stralsund und leiteten eine Gruppe aus Schüler*, Lehrer* und Leiter*innen an, ihre Fantasien für eine lebendige Jugendkunstschule in umsetzbare Pläne zu übersetzen. Es wurde diskutiert, gezeichnet und geschrieben. Wie man an unserer groß gezeichneten Zusammenfassung sehen kann …

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Open Dreaming

The five-kilometre-long “Collus von Prora” was built by the Nazis as a “strength through joy” seaside resort on Rügen. Today there are exclusive hotels, restaurants and apartments. In August 2019, the creative-artistic holiday offer of the Jugendkunstschule Vorpommern-Rügen e. V., including “Open Dreams” by Grit Koalick and Marga Leuthe. The program was funded from the

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Mal dir deine Stadt

Grit Koalick, Marga Leuthe and Maria Trunk invite you to a drawing workshop within the umundu Festival 2016 in Dresden. We are concerned with two questions: What could a vision of a sustainable, fair future look like? And how do we show that it is not only suitable for us, our district and our city,

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BEWARE, UTOPIA! This artistic project is an documentation of experiences, ideas and visions from the people in and around the former Quelle building in its time of creative short term using 2011-2015. This time had a long lasting effect on the way many young people in Nuremberg think and work. The basic resource was a

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