Grit Koalick


The InspirationsBLOCK is an ensemble of different media techniques to transform collected ideas and thoughts from a workshop course into a collective heterotopia. This poster was hung in public space in Berlin-Kreuzberg and was a stimulus to discover the surrounding city hall block with new perspectives.

On Drawing Heterotopia

by Grit Koalick According to Focault[1] heterotopias are spaces with contrasting meanings and specific rules, reflecting social circumstances by representing, negating or reversing them. They can be seen as a kind of already realized and located utopia. Drawing is an activity to convert ideas and concepts into a visible format, which is easy to understand. …

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BEWARE, UTOPIA! This artistic project is an documentation of experiences, ideas and visions from the people in and around the former Quelle building in its time of creative short term using 2011-2015. This time had a long lasting effect on the way many young people in Nuremberg think and work. The basic resource was a …

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