The InspirationsBLOCK is an ensemble of different media techniques to transform collected ideas and thoughts from a workshop course into a collective heterotopia. This poster was hung in public space in Berlin-Kreuzberg and was a stimulus to discover the surrounding city hall block with new perspectives.

The inspirations were collected during the workshop “Achtung Utopie! Future Workshop BAUPALAST”, which can also be found on this blog. The tickers have been adopted from the workshop, the drawings were created by Grit Koalick. In addition, a guide to the audio walks of the course can be found.

The drawings are the heart of the poster, as they express the utopias that the visitors of the workshop have developed while walking through the different stations of the course with an openness that is characteristic of this cultural technique.

This poster was created in collaboration with Constructlab and its future workshop BAUPALAST, Phase III.