The Institut für Angewandte Heterotopie is an independent project team from the fields of architecture, sociology, media and cultural studies, visual arts, design and journalism. Using artistic means, we jointly explore the urban transitional space between the present and the future, without neglecting the past. This is our blog.

Urbane Praxis 2023+

On December 15, 2022, IFAH was invited to hold a workshop in Berlin for the members of the “Urbane Praxis” association; in the middle of Berlin, in the new “lobby” of the association at Mehrinplatz 8 in Kreuzberg.
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Hello, Utopia!

In the context of the project “Hello, Pegnitz” of the group N.Ort, IFAH creates together with participants* of a workshop already happened futures for the Pegnitz. We investigate the river with experimental and ‘playful’ methods of visualization, analysis and construction. In this…

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BEWARE, UTOPIA! This artistic project is an documentation of experiences, ideas and visions from the people in and around the former Quelle building in its time of creative short term using 2011-2015. This time had a long lasting effect on the way…

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Publication “Beware, Utopia!”

This book contains a compilation of reflections and documentations based on artistic and scientific works and researches within the various concepts of diverse utopias, which are reliant on the communication of the individual, society and technology.
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Phase 3

Phase III was an artistic building and research project for the temporary realization of the BAUPALAST in the Rathausblock in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Here, city makers, initiatives, small businesses and residents worked together to create the framework for a future long-term, self-shaping encounter.
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Transferring Other Spaces

by Maria Trunk. Transversal, artistic and intellectual strategies between past, present and future as in the case of the industrial heritage site Quelle in Nuremberg, Germany. The urban is a symbolic space. What we can see, hear and smell in our daily…

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