Urbane Praxis 2023+

On December 15, 2022 we were invited to hold a workshop in Berlin for the members of the association “Urbane Praxis”. The cooperative goal was to design a future calendar for the years 2023 to 2034. In an extremely creative and concentrated atmosphere, we worked together on heterotopias for the capital’s urban future. The committed participants came from all areas of Berlin initiatives for urban development for the benefit of all people. Their diverse ideas form the basis for the future calendar. Urbane Praxis distributes the calendar to practices, offices and fans. We are excited to see which predictions will come true.

For example December 2034: Karstadt becomes a workshop. After years of joint temporary uses, debates, district procedures and test laboratories, the Werkstadt, a visionary urban project developed on the initiative of the Urbane Praxis association, opened in December 2034 in the former Karstadt on Leopoldplatz in Wedding. Communal workshops, advice centers, gardens, kitchens, rooms for community initiatives, a skate track, cinema, exhibition rooms, studios, and much more can be found on 20,000 m².

CALENDAR Editors: Urbane Praxis Netzwerkstelle, Urbane Praxis e.V., texts: Urbane Praxis e.V. members, editing: Kristin Lazarova, Nina Peters, illustrations: Grit Koalick, graphics and layout: Chantal Dübel, Claudia Müller.