The Institute for Applied Heterotopia is an independent project team consisting of experts from the fields of architecture, sociology, media and cultural studies, design, and journalism. Together, we explore the transitional space between the present and the future using artistic methods, with scientific reflection of historical contexts.

On Drawing Heterotopia

by Grit Koalick: According to Focault [1] heterotopias are spaces with contrasting meanings and specific rules, reflecting social circumstances by representing, negating or reversing them. They can be seen as a kind of already realized and located utopia. Drawing is an activity…

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Experience of Space

by Stefan Becker Experience of Space. Perception of Urban Settings with the Body Apparatus and Cultural Techniques as Creative Event of Thinking, Atmosphere and Society 1. What is called Thinking? When we talk about the concept of space, we are generally concerned…

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Future Workshop Youth Art School of Vorpommern Rügen

Maria Trunk und Grit Koalick gaben die dritte und letzte Zukunftswerkstatt in der Jugendkunstschule Vorpommern Rügen. Wir installierten ein Zukunftsbüro in Stralsund und leiteten eine Gruppe aus Schüler*, Lehrer* und Leiter*innen an, ihre Fantasien für eine lebendige Jugendkunstschule in umsetzbare Pläne zu…
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Open Dreaming

The five-kilometre-long “Collus von Prora” was built by the Nazis as a “strength through joy” seaside resort on Rügen. Today there are exclusive hotels, restaurants and apartments. In August 2019, the creative-artistic holiday offer of the Jugendkunstschule Vorpommern-Rügen e. V., including “Open…

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BEWARE, Utopia! This artistic work sees itself as a documentation of the ideas and visions of people in and around the village community Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel (FHKS). At the same time it shows the desire to actively shape one’s own…

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The Chewing Gum Effect

Workshop collaboration with Barbara Lubich and Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner from cultural center Zentralwerk, Dresden, at the annual Trans Europe Halles conference. Bilbao, Spain, 2018. The “Chewing Gum Effect” is what we explored together in this workshop. Outgoing from artistic experiences and strategies in…

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